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How to Build a Successful Etsy Business in 5 Months: Tips from an Etsy Award Nominee

Have you recently started an Etsy shop and are wondering how to make it a hot spot for customers? This blog post is for you!

Building a Successful Etsy Business

Meet Nicole Valdron, rocking momma to two kiddos and an Etsy Award Nominee for her shop Northern Bumble. A shop where she makes the most adorable cross stitch versions of families. Nicole and I are high school friends and when she announced that she had been nominated for an Etsy award just 5 months after selling her cross stitch on Etsy…I knew she’d be the perfect person to give all of you some super helpful Etsy business building advice.

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Here are Nicole’s five top tips on building a solid brand on Etsy. I think you’ll find some nuggets of wisdom in her approach to selling on Etsy.

Treat Etsy Customers Like Friends

For me, this is the most important part of being a successful Etsy shop owner. I treat every one of my customers like a friend and chat with them during the whole process. From start to finish there could be 20-40 messages sent back and forth! I make sure to collect as many details about the people I will be cross stitching. Make sure you ask tons of questions and leave lots of room for adjustments. You want everyone to be completely over the moon with their purchase.

Consistent Online & Offline Branding

Take the time to build your brand! When you walk into your favorite shop downtown, there’s a reason it’s your favorite. It’s a mixture of the products, the people and the overall feel of the place. The same goes for your Etsy shop. You want people to click on your shop and stick around for a while and browse. You have a much better chance at engaging new (and returning!) customers when your products and design are visually appealing. Once you have a logo you can have stamps, stickers and business cards made which are great for including in your shipments. Everyone loves to get those Etsy packages in the mail!

how to build a successful etsy business

Take Lots of Pretty Pictures

You want your photos to pop and be inviting, sort of like an online curb appeal. Your photos will speak volumes about what you have to offer. If you aren’t very good with a camera, try and find a friend who is or hire someone. It will definitely be worth your while. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make your photos as attractive as possible! Bonus points if your photography can tie in with your branding! Everything will look super sharp all tied together.

Ya gotta get social!

This is a huge one! Whether you decide to Facebook, Instagram or Tweet your products, it helps build your fanbase. It’s also just as important to show the creative process behind the finished product. People love to see what goes into your product, the materials you use, your workspace and even the mistakes that happen along the way. The more relatable you are, the better!

SEO – A.k.a. Coming up in Google Searches

Search. Engine. Optimization. Sometimes this one can be daunting because you’ve already spent so much time on all the above categories, you forget about the best ways to make your products visible! Take advantage of those #hastags on instagram, on Facebook and on your Etsy listings. Think about terms that are relatable to your product and to potential customers, you’ll notice an immediate increase in your shop traffic!

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Be sure to check out Nicole’s Etsy shop & Instagram for more Etsy inspiration!

successful etsy business

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  1. Kelly

    Taking pretty pictures is the key to success.

    Online customers buy pictures not products!

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