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21 Insanely Clever Ways to get more Likes on your Facebook Page

How to Get More Facebook Likes

Now that you’ve got your Facebook page set up, you’ll want to start letting everyone know about it, so they can like your page! Although Facebook algorithms have changed in recent years, it’s still a good idea to form a community on Facebook. Below we will discuss 21 ways in which you can get more likes on Facebook.

1. Announce it on your personal Facebook page:

You’ll want to start off by telling all of your personal friends & family about the new blogs& Facebook pages via Facebook, something like:

“Just wanted to let you know that I started a Facebook page for my blog and I would love it if you went over and gave it a like over at @thenameofmyfacebookpage”

Then I would tag the page in the status update by typing “@thenameofmyfacebookpage. Using the @ symbol before your Facebook page name tells Facebook that you want to link to that page.

2. Add a Facebook Like Box to your Blog:

Once you’ve got your Facebook page set up, you can download the Facebook Like Box Widget plugin which will add a fancy Facebook box in your sidebar widget. This Like Box will have a link to your Facebook page and quickly allow your website visitors to like the page right on your blog.

3. Write a Blog Post about your Facebook page:

It’s probably a good idea to write a blog post announcing your new Facebook page. That way readers and anyone else who stumbles upon your blog will know where to find and follow you on Facebook. Some of the things you should include in your blog post are: a link to your Facebook page (duh!), some of your goals for the Facebook page, and what you plan on sharing on the page. That way people will REALLY know what they are in for when they like your page.

Getting More Likes on Facebook

4. Announce your New Page on Instagram:

Do yourself a favor and head over to Choose the Social Media template and create a graphic that says, “Follow me on Facebook”. Before you post it be sure to link your Facebook page in your Instagram bio and then direct people to click the link in your bio to get to your Facebook page.

5. Join a Blogging Facebook Group:

There are dozens of really great blogging groups on Facebook that regularly work to promote each other’s content. One of my favorite groups is this one, and every Monday they do a “Facebook Follow for Follow” thread which encourages bloggers to like each other’s Facebook pages.

6. Add a SumoMe Welcome Mat to your blog:

Sumo-what? I know what you are thinking! Haha. SumoMe is a social media platform that has many tools for bloggers, one of them being a Welcome Mat. Have you ever gone to a blog and all of a sudden a Welcome Mat of sorts rolls down and encourages you to either sign up for an email list or like a Facebook page? That’s the SumoMe Welcome Mat. This tool is very effective at driving Facebook like conversions, and the best part is that it’s FREE!

7. Add a link to your Facebook page in your Email Signature:

Most email platforms allow you to create an email signature, and better yet, they can be links. Go ahead and add a link to your Facebook page in your email signature. This way whenever you send an email whether personal or professionally, the person will see that you have a Facebook page.

8. Create a Facebook Ad for your Facebook Page:

Facebook ads are one of my favorite ways to promote pages and blog posts. Honestly, you don’t have to spend a lot to get some traction. The one thing that you will definitely want to do is target your ad to the exact demographic you want to reach. Here’s a really great article on Facebook ads.

9.  Ask your current Facebook fans to share your Page:

This is a tactic that I do around 1x a month, you definitely don’t want to overdue it. Every so often, I’ll ask my readers to share my Facebook page with their friends, something like,

“Have I ever told you how much I love all of you? If you’ve found something helpful or useful on the blog, I’d love it if you shared your page with your friends & family, I’d certainly appreciate it”

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10. Do a Group Giveaway with other Bloggers:

Giveaways are a great way to build the number of Facebook fans. The first thing you want to do is find a group of bloggers with a similar number of Facebook fans. For example, if you have 250 fans, you might want to look for some other bloggers who are in that range. Then get together and do a giveaway using something like Rafflecopter. In order to enter the giveaway, the contestants must like all of the Facebook pages.

11. Post Consistently on your Facebook page

I can’t stress this enough…you have to train Facebook to get to know your posting schedule and style. The more consistent you can be with your posts, the more Facebook will show your page to your fans, but also recommend it to others who like similar pages to yours.

So what do I mean by being consistent?

  • Try to post at the same times each day. Pick a few times that work for you and stick to them. Facebook, like our children, loves a routine!
  • Post content about your particular niche and try to stray away from off-topic posts. This will allow Facebook to understand what your page is about and can identify it in a particular niche.

Increase number of likes on Facebook

12. Put your Facebook URL on your business cards

Don’t have business cards for your blog yet? No problem, head over to and create some cards. Once you’ve decided on a template and have your information, be sure to add That way after you meet people, they’ll have a way to connect with you and get to know your Facebook page.

13. Tweet about it

If you’ve got a Twitter account, then you can tweet out your Facebook fan page a couple times a month to your fans encouraging them to follow you on Facebook.

14. Post about Trending Topics

You know that trending topics list on the right hand side of your Facebook feed, get to know it well! If there is a topic that relates to your niche or blog, share it immediately. Facebook likes it when you share content that’s trending. The goal here is to post the newsworthy content in hopes that your readers find it interesting and ALSO share it with their friends, which gives your page more reach and the opportunity to connect with new fans! Last week I posted about a store closing announcement and it received over 400 shares!

15. Trade links with other Bloggers

Here’s something you may not know, Facebook HATES it if you only promote your own content. Which is why it might be a good idea to trade links with other bloggers in your niche. Ask them to share one of your page’s post on their page and you will do the same in return! It’s best to share the link instead of simply posting a link to their blog. By sharing from your page, your Facebook page name will also show up!

16. Send out a newsletter to your email subscribers

If you have an email subscriber list, you’ll want to draft up an newsletter that lets them know about your new Facebook page. You can even cheat here and copy word for word the blog post that you wrote in Tip #3.

17. Create a Video announcing your new Facebook page & Upload to YouTube

Once you have your Facebook up & running, make a quick video announcing the new page and upload it to YouTube. Be sure to include a link to your Facebook page in the video & in the description section of the video.

18. Comment on other Facebook Pages

Facebook gives you the option of using Facebook as your personal profile or as your business page. Using Facebook as your business page, visit some of your favorite other bloggers & websites and leave them a thoughtful comment on one of their posts or on their wall. Other people will see your comment and head over to your page to check it out.

19. Use Hello Bar

Hello Bar is a free tool that places a thin bar at the top of your website. In this bar, you can encourage users to like you on Facebook or sign up for your newsletter. The nice thing about the Hello Bar is that it’s not intrusive, yet follows readers as they scroll.

20. Facebook Page Pop-Up Plugins

There are a variety of WordPress Pop-Up Plugins that will prompt readers to like your Facebook page. Some of our favorite plugins are OptinMonster & Facebook Page Promoter Plugin. Both of these plugins work by popping up on your website after a specified time period, like 10-20 seconds. Users will have the option to like your Facebook page or click out.

21. Invite your Email Contacts

Facebook allows you to upload your email contacts and send an email invite. This might be a good option if you have a large network of contacts in your Gmail or Yahoo email account.

how to get more Facebook likes

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