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8 Stylish Laptop Bags Under $100 for the Working Mom


I’m on the hunt for the perfect laptop bag. It’s high on my “Want List” and hubby is fixing to get one for me for Christmas, trouble is..there are millions of bags..and even more expensive bags that I totally freaking want..but will not spend the money to have. Therefore, I’ve given him (actually myself!) a budget of $100 to find the perfect laptop bag…and here are a few that caught my eye!

First Row:

Scarleton Tote Bag $39.99
Ecosusi Woman’s Vintage Satchel $35.09

Second Row:

White Elm Striped Tote $29.99
Arrow’s Weekender Bag $44.99

Third Row:
Yahoho Genuine Leather Women’s Shoulder Bag (Navy) $61.99
VonFon Work Bag $25.00

Fourth Row:
Tom Clover’s Messenger Shoulder Bag $45.99
Yahoho Genuine Leather Women’s Shoulder Bag (Camel) $61.99

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  1. Fana

    Great post, love the bags. Just FYI, Amazon doesn’t allow posting the price on an affiliate link of theirs. You can however post the price using the banners they provide (you know, the banners with the image & price attached).

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