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That time I Cried at Trader Joe’s…..

View More: following is a guest post from Jenny of Princess Turned Mom. She is the proud mom of two precious babies; Colton Jackson & Rosalie Belle. Once upon a time she went to college to become a dancer then became a princess at the happiest place on earth where she met her prince who became her husband and the rest is history! She started blogging about her experiences as a retired princess who became wife & mom and loves to share about the good, the bad, the ugly & how her faith always gets her through. 

“Weeping may last through the night, but joy comes in the morning.” -Psalm 30:5

It was one of those mom days where everything seemed to be not going right. The kind of day that seemed to drag on, in fact time seemed to be at a stand still. The kids and I were all sick; I had a severe sinus infection that did not seem to be doing any better even with heavy antibiotics, the baby had an ear infection (which eventually got worse and turned into a double ear infection) and the 3 year old had the usual runny nose, cough, cold symptoms. The smell of Vicks had over taken our house, which I began to think was a tropical rainforest with our humidifiers constantly running and the amount of boogie wipes that we were going through might have filled an entire landfill. I honestly thought I might start turning the color orange with all the orange juice and emergency I had been drinking. The hubby was unfortunately at work and we were all miserable. I had not gotten any sleep because the baby was up all night long, therefore I felt even worse than I already did. I kept thinking; mothers should not be allowed to get sick, there is no calling in sick for our job, not even for even a few hours so we can just lay in bed and get better.

Well, on this particular day I was really trying to pull it together and make us all feel better. I thought maybe some fresh air might do us some good. So I decided to take the kids out to Trader Joe’s for a few groceries.

Admit it...we've all wanted to cry in the parking lot of a Trader Joes... Click To Tweet

I should have walked out the moment I walked in. I forgot it was a Sunday and the place was packed. People that have normal schedules and go back to school or work on Monday’s do their shopping on Sunday’s, I am not one of those people. My kids are not in school yet and my husband works on a rotating schedule so he never has the same days off every week. Which is why I didn’t even realize it was a Sunday until I walked into the mad house.

The kids were already in cranky moods but I was determined to get what I came for, I was a mom on a mission. My 3 year old kept calling to me “tissue please” because his nose was like a faucet and I continuously told him to cough into his “germ catcher” aka his elbow. The baby (I say baby, but really she is a toddler now) was already over being in the shopping cart and was crying for me to hold her. I was feeling hazy, my head seemed ten times bigger than normal and my body wanted to collapse. As I forged my way through the tiny, overcrowded aisles the kids of course wanted to open every container I put in the cart. “Mommy I’m hungry.” “Mommy, cheesy popcorn!” “Cereal please.” I had no power to say no, I handed them whatever they wanted to keep them pre-occupied and some what happy while finishing up my list.

After waiting what seemed like a lifetime to check out we finally made it to the cashier. While managing cheerios dropping all over the floor, holding the baby on one hip who is crying while saying “buttons, buttons” because she wants to push the buttons on the credit card machine and also trying to keep the three year old from falling out of the cart, I pretended to keep it together as the cashier asks me if I found everything alright.


As I began to push my cart out of the store I could feel the tears welling up inside of me. I was about to loose it. It took everything I had to get the bags into the back of the car and both kids loaded and locked into their carseats. That’s when it hit me. Earlier that day I had texted a couple friends to see if by chance they might be free to come help me for a bit and not a single person was available. None of them knew the severity of how I was feeling, but at that very moment I lost it. I cried. Right there in the Trader Joes parking lot with my two kids in the back seat, I wept. Not the single tear rolling down the face, the kind of tears that make your shoulders hunch forward and your entire body shake. I felt so alone and just wanted to give up. This felt like more than I could handle. I had no idea how I was going to get through the rest of the day.

I wish I could tell you that I had a miracle happen, that the kids both took naps at the same time so I could rest, or that a good samaritan saw me crying and offered to help (not that I would have let a complete stranger babysit my kids, but…I was desperate). Well, neither of those things happened, sometimes there isn’t a perfect ending to a story. I claimed the scripture “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” -Philippians 4:13 and was able to do what any “good” mom would do; give the kids a microwavable dinner, have them watch a few too many shows, then put them to bed.

I went to bed shortly after them and prayed that both kids would sleep through the night. I knew tomorrow was a new day, a chance to start over. I knew in the morning my husband would be home and that alone gave me hope of survival. This mommy business is literally the hardest job in the world and some days are good and some are really quite miserable. But just as a sick baby cries out for their mommy in the middle of the night so are we to cry out to our heavenly father for help. And that is what I did that day as I cried at Trader Joe’s.

“As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you.” -Isaiah 66:13


Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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  1. Starr

    I’ve been there. I completely understand. Those are the days where you barely have energy to put one foot in front of the other, but you do it because you’re the mommy.

  2. Abbie

    Been there girl. Thank you for your honest words and encouraging reminder. I needed it today!!

  3. Tosin Opara

    I am going through this right now, I love that scripture Isaiah 66:13 I think I will put it up on my wall as a reminder. I have a toddler and am carrying my second child (3rd trimester) and only recently I was diagnosed with asthma. Dealing with the attacks has not been easy. Am learning to give it all to God everyday.

  4. Candy

    Benn there have the Tahiti. You were honest enough to write about it

  5. Emma {Emma's Little Kitchen}

    Haha, been there! The cashier bought me a bunch of flowers because she felt so bad for me!

  6. Tessa Kirby

    Oh my goodness, I literally had this week about a week ago. Baby had a double ear infection, and a fever that could fry an egg on his forehead, my three year old wouldn’t take a nap because she couldn’t breath out of her nose. My head was pounding and hazy and all I could do was pray that the day would miraculously speed up. Ugh. I so feel you on this post! Thanks for being vulnerable and sharing your heart!

    • Jenny

      Thank YOU for reading & sharing your story! I know we all have these days but it’s so nice to have support of other moms as we experience it! Love to you!!!

  7. Jess

    Have been there many times. H knows I’m getting close to that point because I start threatening to run away to Mexico with increasing severity. 🙂

  8. Stacy

    We have all beent there, and we’ll all be there again. And all you can do is get through it, just like you did…have a good cry and then keep on keeping on!

  9. Lindsay

    I could not relate to this more after the week that I had last week. My hubs was out of town on business for FOUR DAYS and I thought I was going to lose my mind! Glad to hear I’m not the only one who gives them microwave dinners and lets them watch TV! Thanks for being real, Momma!

    • Jenny

      Oh man, I live for microwave dinners & a couple episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!! Gotta keep it real!? Thanks for reading!!

  10. Karin Rambo

    I feel you girl! I actually dust wrote a post today about this very thing. No, I didn’t cry in a Trader Joe’s parking lot, but I know the pain of feeling so overwhelmed.

  11. vivianna

    Ah, yes. Many a time have I sat my car with tear filled eyes as I rest my forehead on the steering wheel in a busy parking lot. One time a stranger did notice. They discreetly left a note on my car full of the most selfless & heartfelt words. It didn’t wash away the emotions I was feeling but the fact alone that an absolute stranger took the time to reach out when they could’ve just kept going sure gave me hope. Beautiful piece mama!

    • Jenny

      Wow! What an awesome stranger! Now I totally want to be on the lookout for some overwhelmed mama crying in a car so I can be a blessing to her!! Thanks for sharing your story!!

  12. P.Jeanne

    Oh yes! I can totally relate. I never knew being a momma could be the most rewarding yet DIFFICULT job I’d ever have. Thanks for sharing real life stories from other mommas ❤

  13. Heather

    I’ve had the same weeping meltdown in my own kitchen recently. Some days it’s just not worth holding back the tears! Beautiful reminder to cry out to Him for comfort!

  14. Amy Lu

    I can totally relate to this post. I have had many mom moments where I have been overwhelmed or just needed a good cry. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Meredith

    Those darn credit card machine buttons have got to go! Those days are so hard and though we wake up to a new day, it is hard to forget those.

  16. The Home Loving Wife

    Oooohhhhh Jenny, can we be best friends?! I have been here so, so many times (probably at least once a week, if I think about it!) And the more we mamas share our stories, the less isolated we feel I think; the more we can accept that THAT is normal. And you’re so right – I am always clinging to the fact that when I reach those low points, thank the good sweet Lord that I can rely on Christ’s strength through me! HALLELUJAH!!!!

    • Jenny

      Yes, please on the best friends part!! I am always in need of awesome ladies in my life (especially when I just found out my bestie is moving far away ?). Thank you for your kind words & support!?

  17. Christina K. Rambo

    Yes and amen. I don’t know how I would ever get through a day without those verses and constant prayer (and by prayer I mean asking God, “why?!” and whining a lot).

  18. Samantha

    Your honesty is inspiring. Motherhood is tough; tougher than I ever imagined and it’s reassuring to know I’m the only one who feels like the world is crumbling on “those” days.

  19. Malissa

    I had similar experiences when my son was younger.. he was a super colicky baby. Thank God he grew out of it!
    I have learned you must go through those tough times to really appreciate when you have it good ??
    Take care!!!

  20. Corina

    I have one toddler with a baby on the way and I am preparing myself for the crazy days up ahead. Posts like these give strength and encouragement! Thank you!

    • Jenny

      Ah, you are so sweet! So glad it could be encouraging to you! You will be just fine with baby #2, you totally got this!??

  21. Karen

    Congratulations, you’re human! And most likely an amazing mom who’s working on getting it all right. Love the verse you included in your post – incredibly inspirational!

  22. Lucy

    I’ve been there too! Those days are the worst!

  23. Daniela

    This almost happened to me today. At Target. But I don’t have kids. Nor am I sick …

    • Jenny

      Lol! That’s ok! You don’t have to have kids or be sick to have one of “those” days! ??

  24. Shaunacey

    been there so many days… you’re right, sometimes (usually) no happy ending to the day just the end of the day. An then we do it again, because we’re super heros like that

    Simply Shaunacey

  25. suzanne

    I have been there, too. Thank you for being open and honest! xo

  26. Alison

    Oh sister I hear ya and have felt the same way and done the same thing. Praying is always a good idea.

  27. Liv

    It does get overwhelming at times. And sometimes there’s no respite either. I’ve found a few good friends and family members I can turn to when I’m feeling that way. Good luck. You’ve got some time left.

  28. Rachel Stokes

    I have definitely been there! Being a mum is such a hard thing, and it is definitely overwhelming at times. I live in a different town to my family and there can be more rough days than I’d like. But we all get there! And the smiles on our babies faces somehow make it a little easier. Those little stinkers! Haha.

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