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How to Blog While Working Full Time: Interview with Jessica from Little Bits of Joy are about to have a new BFF! I guarantee that if you listen to this podcast, you will officially fall in love with Jessica from Little Bits of Joy. Not only is she super sweet and smart, but she share’s personal struggles and vulnerabilities that a lot of us moms can relate to!

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Jessica is a full time working mom to two boys and a dedicated wife to a baseball coach husband. She is a self-proclaimed introvert and decided to start a blog as a creative outlet of expression. Listen in as she talks about the paradox between being an introvert and having to promote herself as a blogger and what method she used to drive traffic to her website.

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Advice for new bloggers

Try not to be intimidated & blog in a style that works for you.

Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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  1. Connie Gomez

    Great podcast! I can totally identify with Jessica. I work a FT job not related to my blog and when I started I also needed that creative outlet and a space where I could share about motherhood and relate to other Momma’s! Love it!

  2. Jessica

    I didn’t sound weird!! haha… thank you again for this opportunity… it was so fun!! Can we do it every week?? 🙂

  3. Lindsay

    Love yoooou, Jess!! My soul sista! I can’t wait to listen when I get home!

  4. Sarah

    Truly enjoyed the podcast! She is so real and honest. I love the fact she said her blog doesn’t fit a niche. It was almost like I needed to hear someone else say you don’t have to fit a particular mold. Her thoughts helped me decide on several personal blogging issues. You are great!

  5. Abbie

    Where do I even start? Jessica, you already know I’m your creepiest fan. You are so awesome. I am going to write this comment while I’m listening because Emily keeps saying, “Why you talking to your ‘puter, Mom?”

    Heck yes to momhood being HARD, to being REAL, to your general awesomeness. How on earth are you balancing everything? I am currently burning the non-organic eggs while ignoring my two-year-old to listen to your brilliance.

    Thank you for giving me hope that the haze will end.

    Chrystie: IT’S ALL A FACADE!! Heck yes!!

    Umm… why aren’t you guest blogging over here? Please. Please please. I have a blog. See?

    Uggh. I hear you on the self-promotion. Boo. Just send me a list of people you want to post “Hey, check out my blog” to and I WILL PROMOTE YOU. I LOVE YOU. Okay, done now.

    Completely love your sincerity. I agree. Tried the Instagram loop and it wasn’t authentic. Yay for REAL. OMG you just said my name. I am famous now.

    HISTORY NERD! YAY. Are you on Good Reads? I need to add you on Good Reads. Can you move here? We can be introverts together. Chrystie, you in? You’re Canadian!

    OH dude. YES, just START! Don’t be intimidated or be intimidated and do it anyway. LOVE this. Completely agree. Try it all and find your thing. So many series started and not ended. Whoops. Instagram layouts may never ever ever be my thing. I wish.

    I am already in love with you. Restraining order required. Thanks ladies. I LOVED THIS!

  6. Samantha

    Thank you for this! I go back to school this fall for student teaching and I’ve been worried about being able to do it all!

  7. Alexis

    Love listening to these. I can’t get down with the mamas that aren’t authentic either so you are def my soul sister! Keep lovin on yourself cause you are great and can and will do great things with your blog!

  8. Amanda

    This.Was.Awesome. You really shine through Jess, and it was so fun to hear you be you on a podcast! Fun fact on Jessica for the bloggers out there, not only did she love going to the Tower of London – but she also wins the ultimate BFF award since she payed for her bestie to go in too. Love ya! xx

  9. Starr

    This was so great! I love the authenticity and am inspired by Jessica. I’m also a working, blogging mom and was feeling overwhelmed with it all. It’s nice to know I’m definitely not alone! I especially love that she isn’t forcing the idea of having to fit a niche. Thank you, Chrystie and Jessica!

  10. Jami

    What resonated was when Jessica mentioned developing authentic relationships with other bloggers and not sound spammy. In a world where everyone is trying to get their 15 mins of fame, it’s difficult to find genuine and real people anymore.

  11. jill

    I listened to this yesterday- keep them coming!!!! I’m a working blogger mom and it can get extremely challenging at times. Thank you both- reallly enjoyed this!! Xo

  12. Meghan

    I listened to the podcast on my walk yesterday and really enjoyed it. She sounds a lot like me in being a working mom, loving the bachelor, and not planning to go full time with blogging if I happen to have any kind of growth. Thanks for the podcast! I look forward to more.

  13. Stacy

    Just listened and loved this! Love the whole series…it’s so fun to A) hear your voices and B) get to know a little more about these amazing women. Following along on FB and the Naptime Nation group and IG is great, but these little chats make the bloggers even more real! Can’t wait for the next one!!!

  14. Shaunacey

    Jessica!!! One of my new favs!!! Seriously, I adore this hilarious girl! She’s so honest and sweet not to mention the cutest thing of life!!

    You’re a brilliant writer, I love your stuff.. your Bachelor posts are amazeballs.

    Reading some of your struggles has seriously validated me so much even with the few recent posts I’ve read. Motherhood is so hard so much of the time and it’s so refreshing to have people being real about it all. Thank you for that.

    Bahahah stuck on the couch boobs hanging out… so been there and am SOOOOOO glad those days are over!

    You’re so authentic and genuine I feel like you and Abbie need to move next door so we can drink wine and watch the Bachelor together!!! Good idea?!

    Simply Shaunacey

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