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Keeping up with Social Media: Top 10 Strategies You Should Not Ignore

Slow down, social media, we can’t keep up.

Don’t you just wish you can actually say that? With social media evolving at a pace seemingly faster than traffic lights changing from red to green, it is easy for digital marketers to get lost in the progression. And as fast as things evolve is the explosion of digital marketing experts and strategists claiming to have the perfect social media solutions to go about this marketing phenomenon.

Which is which? Which works and which doesn’t? Am I missing anything here?

The answer may just be right under your nose. You have probably met before, you weren’t just paying attention.

Here are the 10 overlooked social media strategies that you kept on ignoring, but you clearly shouldn’t.


#1. Build on followers, don’t fake them

So you have a bank of great and amazing content. But you have no followers to share them with. Pointless, right? If you subscribe to the school of thought that you can “buy” your followers, you are terribly wrong.

The traditional social media strategy of growing your followers from scratch is hard, but it is doable. Follow your target users and a decent number will follow you back. Establish a solid relationship with influencers and have them link back to your content. This is sure to grow an audience who will share your content, and from which you can see significant traffic.

#2. Pick a channel, worry about traffic later

You invest time and resources to maintain accounts in various social media channels. Each channel is different, and before you know it, you are exploding. If your business is still trying to be relevant in a dozen networks, you totally ignored the inherent limitations, and probably the fact that you are not making any impact whatsoever.

Do not worry about the traffic you will miss out on. There’s more than enough traffic on one or two networks if you only know how to grow your niche. You are more likely to get better and quicker results if you invest on one or two channels only. Find the network that is frequented by your audience and hang out with them there. Do not spread yourself too thin.

#3. Sharing too much it hurts

Too much of the good thing can turn out bad. A constant advice from digital marketers on how to improve your social media strategy is to not overshare. Do not secretly ignore that piece of advice by flooding your followers’ feeds. You risk looking like an annoying spammer, and you might push your followers to unfollow you. Test the frequency of your posts and assess social media habits of your followers in the process. Sharing too much can bring you to a point of diminishing returns.


#4. Use tools to be consistent

No matter how committed you are, you can’t stay up until 3 a.m. just to send a tweet to your followers who happen to browse at that unholy hour. Didn’t anyone tell you there are tools that can do that for you?

Use available tools to automate your social media activities. There are Buffer and Hootsuite. Most of these tools are free so utilize them. But then again, this is not a license to spam your followers.

#5. Balance promo and non-promo content

There are still a lot of brands who use social media mainly to sell products or promote events. But if you want to truly engage your followers, you must learn how to strike a balance. Double or even triple traffic by coming up with non-promotional content that improves your credibility and increases engagement. Through this, you will also learn about your followers more by the kind of non-promotional posts they consume and share.

#6. Refresh video creation

In case you haven’t noticed, YouTube isn’t the only video sharing platform now. A few years ago, it might seem like no one can beat Jimmy Fallon or Buzzfeed in creating viral videos. But with other video marketing opportunities now available on other social media platforms, you have to learn how to tweak the way you create and produce videos. Facebook, Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat run on different dynamics and are new venues for your video marketing efforts.

#7. Rise of real-time video

Have you been ignoring Facebook Live? Have you even tried Periscope? For brands and businesses with offline events and happenings, it is important to explore real-time video platforms to connect with your online followers at the same time you are engaging with your offline followers.


#8. Dealing with evolving news feeds

As users get frustrated over the frequent changes on Facebook, the patience of digital marketing professionals is also tested. You will notice a shift to share trending news and with a little less space for paid advertising. The challenge now really is to generate content that Facebook engineers favor, which is still largely based on the content’s relevance to the audience.

#9. Integrate with email

Don’t put email marketing in the backseat just because you think social media is the way to go. Email should still be part of your social media checklist because they truly go hand in hand. If you want to send exclusive deals to your social media followers, e-mail is usually required. Strengthen both fronts for optimum results.

#10. Track your success or you automatically fail

A lot of brands simply assume that their strategies are working by mere clicks, likes, and impressions. You must befriend analytics and record results in a spreadsheet. Look at overall traffic and figure out which posts got the most engagement. In measuring success (or failure), you must have a clear objective of what you want to achieve. Do you want more shares or followers, or both? Measure this against the actions on your posts or content.

Social media marketing isn’t a game of wait-and-see. It’s not like you publish a content and just hope that it will fly. You have to constantly consider and assess the many strategies available to you, which ones work and which ones don’t. Avoid ignoring tactics at face value. You have to know how each will affect your brand and what sort of impact will it create.

annaAnna Rodriguez is a manager for a real estate company in the Philippines. She has experience in training and operations where she developed a keen eye for identifying reasons for inefficiency and ineffectiveness of training programs and other initiatives. She also has a varied background in real estate brokerage, investing, online marketing, social media management, and digital marketing.




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    Awesome post with some really great ideas that I’m going to start implementing! Thanks Chrystie 🙂

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