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How to Write an Ebook & Sell it on Amazon in 5 Easy Steps

If you’ve been thinking about writing an ebook but not sure how to do it, this blog post is for you!

For as long as I’ve been blogging, I’ve always thought about writing an ebook to go along with the blog. But, like most of you was completely overwhelmed at how to go about writing a book, having it published and then selling it. So for years I put it off…but then I had the opportunity to ghost write a book for, The “Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Yard Sale“. I was so surprised at how easy it is to write a book and start making sales on Amazon…that I wanted to kick myself for waiting so long. Honestly, the hardest part of the entire process was writing the book!

Why you should write an ebook:

Monetization: As I’ve mentioned before, the key to blog monetization is to diversify your revenue streams. One of the ways that many pro-bloggers make money is by creating info products such as ebooks or courses. An ebook is a (surprisingly easy) way to bring in more money with your blog.

Thought Leadership: If one of your goals is to become a thought leader or known expert in your niche, then writing an ebook is a great way to validate your knowledge.

Traffic to your blog: The nice thing about writing an ebook and selling it on Amazon is that now people who have no idea who you are will find you while shopping on Amazon. And if you’ve written a great book and linked back to your site from the book, you should start to see a steady flow of new readers to your blog from your Amazon listing.

write and sell an ebook on Amazon

How to write an ebook in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Write your ebook using Google Docs, Word or Pages (MAC).
  2. Convert the word doc into an ePub
  3. Set up your KDP Kindle Account on Amazon
  4. Upload your book
  5. Set your price & go live on Amazon

1.  Write the ebook

Admittedly, this was the hardest part of the entire process. Sitting down to write a book can be daunting. I followed a few steps that actually made the process a whole lot easier.  Start with the outline, then do a brain dump of everything in your head. Once you’ve done the brain dump, start arranging the content according to your outline and build your book from there.

2. Convert the book to ePub file

I read a million tutorials on how to convert a Pages (MAC) file into an ePub file and no matter what I did, I just couldn’t get it to look right. So I threw in the towel, headed over to Fiverr and paid someone a whopping $5.00 to covert it for me. It was the best $5.00 I’ve ever spent 🙂 Here’s the gal that I used, she was awesome!

3. Set up your Kindle Direct Publishing account

Head over here and sign up with your contact information to create an account on the Kindle Direct Publishing platform. This is the account, you will use to upload your ebook to the Kindle platform.

4. Upload your book to the Kindle Platform

Once you’ve filled out your contact information, author bio, and payment information you are ready to upload your book. Upload the ePub version of your book and select which category your book will appear in. Fill out the description and select keywords to describe your book.

5. Price your book & Make it live on Amazon

The last thing you need to do is price your book and make it live in the Amazon Kindle store. Once you submit the book it can take up to 48 hours to be approved and live in the store. Once it is live Amazon will send you an email with the link to the book, and you are free to promote the heck out of your book!

If you’ve written an ebook, I would love you to leave a link in the comments or feel free to share tips that worked for you!

how to write an ebook

Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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  1. Lindsay at Lindsay's Sweet World

    It’s like you’re inside my head. This has been on my to do list for months now, and you’ve provided everything I need in one concise post… it doesn’t even seem that hard (aside from actually writing the book). In addition to an e-book, I have also been itching to write a children’s book, but I have NO idea how to go about doing that… I know nothing about illustrating and printing and publishing and such. I have a lot of research to do!

  2. Christina Rambo

    Do ebooks need an ISSN/bar code number? Or is that just if you actually publish a hard copy book?

    • Chrystie

      I don’t think you need one…but you can get an ISSN/ISBM for an ebook. Amazon issues an ASIN to ebooks in the Kindle store.

  3. Francesca - From Pennies to Pounds

    This is fab, thanks so much. I definitely would be interested in doing this in the future, and that’s a really good point about it bringing in traffic from where you’re selling it, I hadn’t thought of that!

  4. Jacqueline Fisch

    YES! Writing a book was both a challenge, but once you get momentum your inner drive kicks in and NEEDS to finish! The BEST way I’ve found early momentum was to block at least 4 solid hours alone (mine happened to be on a flight) to dive in and just write, no editing. Another fun way to get started is booking a night in a local hotel to just write. I’ve gotten SO much done this way. No distractions, no laundry, and most importantly, no whining.

    I wrote my first book in two months –

    I have two others in the oven now.

  5. Sarah Jayne

    Quick question – I wrote an e-book and it is about 15pages in length. It’s a how-to guide for planning your wedding on a budget. I feel like that length may be too short but its literally PACKED with tips. Should I lengthen it?

    • Chrystie

      If you’ve got all the info you need in there…no need to lengthen it. I wrote an ebook that was only 6 pages! The nice thing about short books is that they are filed under Amazon’s “Quick Read” category along with the regular categories.

  6. Karina

    This is so cool. I’ve been considering in writing an e-book, but I haven’t really spent the time to look into it. I always thought it was a bit far-fetched, but after reading this article, I realized it really isn’t that hard. Thanks for this!

  7. C. R Masters

    I just launched my first three novellas with out an ounce of an idea on marketing it. This part is the hardest for me and i have a WordPress account but im ignorant to how to use it.. Being a published author is an amazing feeling but i dont want to end up like those people who publish doesnt sell a book.. Right now im doing the free promotion but we shall see… Any tips for me ladies

  8. Alexis

    I wanted to know have people written long ebooks? Like how long should an ebook be and what topics should I steer clear from? I dont have a blog or a website yet but I wanted to know if I signed up could I still work with the affiliate program with my ebooks?

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