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Looking for Gorgeous Free Food Stock Photography? Look no further….

After this horrible debacle, I’m always on the hunt for new (quality!) stock photography sites. You know the kind of site that provides images that are gorgeous and captivating and don’t look like most boring, blah stock photos do. Today I found a new site that I’m absolutely in love with! The best part about it, is that it’s absolutely FREE!

Check out

The images are available FREE to use personally and commercially under the Creative Commons Zero license. This means that you can use, modify and distribute the photos for free, without risk of penalty.

Check out some of the images I found:


Some ways you can use these images:

  • Within blog posts
  • Create a Pinnable image for your blog post
  • Post themย on Instagram
  • Use them as a cover photo for Facebook or Twitter profile
  • Add an inspirational quote on the photo using Canva and share it on your social networks

Head over here and subscribe to FoodShotย to be update of new images weekly! According to the site, new images are added everyday!

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  1. Deborah

    Thank you for posting this! I am always looking for free stock photos.

  2. Maya

    Great resource! This will come in handy I’m sure!

  3. Heathrr with WELLFITandFED

    Omg. This is so helpful!! Thankyou. Have noted and will use immediately!

  4. Cookilicious

    That is so resourceful..thanks for sharing this..I was looking for some stock photos as well.. this helps

  5. Lindsay

    Thank you! What a great resource!

  6. lauren

    Thanks for sharing! I love free stock photo sites ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Maggie Unzueta

    This is a great resource. As a food blogger, pictures are my life. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Leah

    This is great! Thanks for sharing this!

  9. KatyRose

    Awesome. I’ve been collecting free stock photography sites, especially for those posts that I can’t figure out how to style myself or don’t have the time to worry about that aspect of post creation. – Katy

  10. Nickie

    This is so helpful! I hate when I have no photos I’ve taken to use for the day and food pictures are always great. So this will be super useful for me when I have nothing to post!

    Thanks for sharing!
    xo, N

  11. Lezley

    I am a new blogger so this is so helpful. Photography is certainly not my thing so this is a great resource!

  12. Lilies + Lambs

    Awesome! I generally take my own pics, but this is good to know in a pinch! xx, Morgan

  13. The Southern Thing

    So good to know! Thanks!

  14. Amanda | Maple Alps

    Always on the look out for good and free stock photos! I like to take my own, but these really come in handy. Thanks for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Les @ The Balanced Berry

    Thanks for sharing this! I love taking food photos for my recipes, but it is nice to have some good stock go-to’s for non recipe related posts. Great find!

  16. Lexi

    Saving this for later! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Katarzyna

    I didn’t know that one yet! ๐Ÿ™‚ Added to my free photo resources – it’s always good to have more. For foodie pictures I also recommend checking – they have some great ones too!

  18. Cassandra

    Going to have to keep this in mind! I’ve never used stock photos before and always just took my own pictures, but this could be very helpful one day.

  19. Jennifer @ The Champagne Supernova

    This is awesome. I’m always looking for great FREE stock images. I use Canva for my pinnable images and most of their better photo options aren’t free. Cheers and glad to connect! xo

  20. Danielle Greco

    THANK YOUUUUU ! This will be soooo helpful! I love taking and using quality photos for my blog… and food is my weak point. I am for some reason not amazing at food photos. This will be so helpful to up the quality of my posts! Thank you!
    Danielle Greco |

  21. Rachel @ My Urban Oven

    I love this post! I always am in search of good stock photos I can use when I am in a pinch. Thank you!

  22. cheryl

    FANTASTIC post as Im struggling to find unique stock photos for my blog. Thank you so much for the resources

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