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Income Reports

I Made $1,553.13 Blogging Last Month [Income Report]

How I’m feeling about March’s income:

The numbers are in for March and I’m feeling meh about them. Mostly because my revenue from MoneySavingSisters (Adthrive & Google Adsense) has dropped in the last few months, and I know exactly why…because I haven’t done crap on that site in forever! So it’s totally my fault, but this is what happens when you have multiple blogs..some of them take priority (oh hi Living for Naptime) and some of them don’t (Box Mom who?) Because Money Saving Sisters is still responsible for most of my income and traffic, I decided to pay more attention to in the upcoming months.

I haven’t done anything on MoneySavingSisters in months with the exception of the sponsored post you see in the income report details. So..I’m doing a little refresh on the blog this weekend, going to update it a bit and hopefully start adding some new content. On the other hand, it’s kind of cool to see that a website I haven’t touched in months is still bringing in over $1,000 a month. Cheers for evergreen content!

(Sidenote: If you are a DIYer or Foodie and would like to earn some extra money, I’m willing to pay for these kinds of posts for the blog, contact me if you are interested!)

Viral Blog Post Update:

Remember how I told you about that viral post I had late last year, well I installed SumoMe on the site and was astounded to see that it has been shared almost 1,000,000 times! A million! That’s crazy..but it also goes to show you that just because something has been shared a million times doesn’t mean the blogger is raking in the big bucks!


Pinterest Update & My Thoughts:

So the blogger community is freaking out about the new Pinterest algorithm and admittedly, I have seen quite a drop myself. I’m not panicking yet..because I noticed a strange thing happened. Just as my Pinterest traffic was dropping, my direct traffic increased..and more specifically the direct traffic to some of my more popular pins I’m not sure how it’s happening or why..but I’m assuming that some of my former Pinterest traffic is being counted as direct traffic. But as you can see from the graph above my daily impressions is almost 100k less than it was on January 30 when I took this screenshot on the 7 Pinterest Mistakes blog post.

Income for March 2015

  • $358.11 Adthrive
  • $231.43 Google Adsense
  • $500 Bluehost Affiliate (How to start a Mom Blog in less than 5 minutes!)
  • $170 Sponsored Post through Collective Bias
  • $23.40 Viglink
  • $78.91 Skimlinks
  • $95.53 Amazon Affiliates
  • $30 BluChic Affiliates
  • $65.75 ShareASale

Total Income: $1553.13


  • Convert Kit: $29.00
  • Haute Chocolate Stock Photos: $29.00
  • Boardbooster: $10
  • Adobe Photoshop: $10
  • Likestagram: $25
  • Post Planner: $7.00
  • Essential Grid Plugin: $26.00

Total Expenses: $136

Total net profit: $1417.13



Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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  1. Jessica

    This is so awesome Chrystie!! I love all your tips you share to help other bloggers and motivate them! 🙂

    • Chrystie

      Hi Jessica! Thanks for the comment…my goal is to motivate AND teach other blogging moms out there!

  2. Theresa Nelson

    Thanks Chrystie for sharing. You definitely motivate and teach, so thank

  3. Cara

    Thanks for sharing this! Definitely motivating to see!

  4. Vivianna

    Serious insightful! Thank you for sharing so much with us!

  5. Tricia

    Thanks for sharing! As a new blogger, I love reading about what works and what doesn’t. I also love being a part of your Facebook group, by the way!

  6. Shadaan

    What an awesome report, loved it. I see you mentioned viglink and skimlinks both in your report- but as far as I have read both are same, so how do you add both these on your blog.

    I have not heard about bluchic affiliates too, so will check them out.
    Goodluck for the future months

  7. April K.

    Spotted you on Pinterest and so glad I did. Thanks for the follow, too! This article and your site is refreshing and stocked full of so much useful information! I’ ll be reading it in my spare time! Such an inspiration!

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  9. Katie Harp @ Rebelsaurus

    Congrats on an amazing month! Just letting you know I featured your blog on an income report roundup I did recently. 🙂

  10. Myka

    This was cute, how do you manage three blogs? Great income report. I want to do adthrive, I finally hit 100k views, but I’m feeling comfortable with just Adsense

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