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How to Get Exposure For your Blog: HARO (Help a Reporter Out)

Earlier this month, I was quoted in a GoBankingRates article about the best jobs for stay-at-home parents. How cool is that? I was able to offer an expert opinion on why I thought blogging was the best job for stay-at-home parents, which is awesome…because it just so happens that this blog is completely dedicated to helping moms start a blog.

If you are wondering how I was able to get the attention of the journalist writing this article, let me introduce you to Help a Reporter Out (HARO). HARO is a GREAT way for you to get exposure for your blog in larger publications. Below I’m going to explain what HARO is, how it works and give you some tips on how to get noticed.

What is HARO?

Help a Reporter Out is a resource that allows journalists to put in a request looking for subject matter experts in a variety of verticals (Business, Technology, Lifestyle, Travel). On the other hand, bloggers and publishers use HARO to find opportunities to contribute expert advice in their niche.

How does HARO work?

Each day HARO sends out 3 emails to it’s subscribers with dozens of requests from journalists looking for people to interview or quote in blog posts, news articles, books, etc. As a blogger or publisher, you then have the option to respond to a journalist’s request and offer your expertise, advice or tip. If your tip/answer is used in the article, the journalist will usually give a link back to your blog (especially if it’s relevant to the article at hand). This is NOT always the case however. I once was quoted in this article with no mention of my divorce blog, which was a major bummer. However, I was still able to use the article as social proof for my blog readers.

Here are a few examples of the HARO requests

How to get your HARO pitched noticed

  • Have your pitch ready to go – Once you are done reading this blog post, I want you to write up a quick pitch about your blog that you can just copy and paste in an email once you start pitching. You want to write a few sentences about why you are qualified to be a subject matter expert in your niche. As you can see in my email posted below I qualify myself as ‘having sold 4 blogs’ and ‘teaching moms how to blog” these are two quick sentences which I use in each of my pitches in order to prove that I am an expert in the blogging field.
  • Send your pitch ASAP – HARO emails go out 3 times a day (early morning, lunchtime & dinnertime). You’ll want to read these emails as soon as they come in and respond to any pitches that suit your niche immediately. Why? The journalists are usually inundated with responses. If you are one of the first to respond, it’s more likely that they will read your email and select you as an expert assuming you are the expert in the field.
  • Keep your pitch short & sweet – Much like my Huffington Post pitch, you’ll want to keep your email very short and to the point. Explain who you are, what you have to offer their article and your contact info if they need more info. As I mentioned before, the journalists get a lot of responses, so if you can keep yours short, they are more likely to respond to it.

Here is the exact email I sent for the GoBankingRates pitch:


I saw your request on HARO.
As someone who has sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years (while raising 3 kids) I can honestly say that starting a blog is the BEST way to generate income while giving yourself the flexibility to work around your family’s schedule.
The advantages of being a blogger while a stay at home parent:
  • Flexibility
  • You get to work on something you are passionate about
  • Passive income from advertising revenue/affiliate marketing
  • You are creating something you can either sell or pass down to your children
I run a website called where I teach moms how to blog while their babies sleep! If you’d like any additional information, I’d be happy to provide you with whatever you need!

As you can see, my email was short & sweet and answered her exact question which was, “What job is the best for stay-at-home parents”. I also qualified myself by giving her a bit of my background.

Now it’s your turn. Sign up for HARO emails here and get ready to pitch, pitch, pitch!

Do not get discouraged

I realize that I made this look pretty easy, but the truth is, you will likely send out several pitches before you get a response or a feature…and that’s ok. The more you pitch the closer you are to getting published.



Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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  1. Angie @ My So-Called Chaos

    Wow, I’ve never heard of this before but it’s super fascinating! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Chelsea

    This is something I’ve heard of doing but never fully looked into. I really should!

  3. Maegan Clark

    HARO is great – I use to use it all the time when I worked more in PR. They started from Peter Shankman. If you don’t follow him on social you should, he’s really great!

  4. Liv

    This is fantastic advice – I’m tucking it away for later.

  5. Vivianna

    This is such a great tip! PS: Katie Gorgeous is when/how I found you & started reading your blogs. It was sooo sooo comforting to read when I was going through my separation from my son’s dad!

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    Super interesting. Thank you!

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    This is so interesting, thanks for sharing! You always have the most helpful posts!

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    Thanks for sharing this. I had never heard of this before. I appreciate you sharing your pitch email. 🙂

    Passing this along.


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    Annnnnnd, once again you are my total go-to for all of the blogging world knowledge! Thank you for sharing your tips 🙂

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    This is awesome! It is so helpful and informative. I have never heard of HARO, and you provided such an incredible resource. Thanks!

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    I have never heard of this but it sounds interesting to learn more about.

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    Wow!!! I have never heard of this, but it definitely sounds like something I’d be interested in looking into. Thanks for sharing your insight on it all/your experience!! -xx Anna

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    Thanks for sharing all of these details! I had heard of the acronym HARO before, but I did not realize all that it offered!

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