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How to Be a Blogger When You Have No Time! (Advice from a Mom of 4)

kelsey-vankirkKelsey Van Kirk is a Lifestyle & Clarity Coach for wives and moms and Founder of The Home Loving Wife community. She is a wife, mama to four lovely princesses and passionate about inspiring and equipping women just like YOU to create and live grace-filled lives full of balance, purpose, happiness and fulfillment! You can connect with her more on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest, or in her members-only Facebook community, The Home Loving Wife Sisterhood!

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Do you remember using a VCR to watch movies ages and ages ago? I do. In fact, I may or may not still have my collection of approximately 47 VHS movies that I acquired during high school as all the local video stores were switching to DVDs. Remember how you could be playing a movie and fast forward it as the movie was still playing – so you were still watching it, just really, really fast? Good. THAT is what my life has been like for the last seven years. Are you ready for this?

I married my darling husband at the ripe young age of 19 and got pregnant with my first daughter five months later. We were ecstatic!

Four months after that I stopped working, we moved from NC to MO, and stayed with my in-laws for three months while looking for our own place. At eight months pregnant, we found and settled into a new apartment, then had our first baby. She was a perfect baby, and life was a dream.

Then, four months later I got pregnant again! Another girl arrived nine months later and we were officially a family of four – in less than 2 years.

Eight months after that, we moved back to NC for my husband’s job and I started working a part-time “naptime hustle” from home…..which we celebrated by getting pregnant AGAIN just eight months later (ok, maybe it wasn’t exactly on purpose!) Our third daughter arrived the following summer and we thought to ourselves, “Ok….let’s maybe take a break for a bit, because….we’re really tired!”

However, we are apparently very good at what we do, and seven months later two little pink lines popped up on one of the pregnancy tests we had considered buying stock in at that point! We laughed, shook our heads and celebrated the start of our journey as an almost family of SIX….in less than five years.

And then we lost that sweet, fourth babe. We were devastated and shell-shocked. I remember how crazy it was that the statistics had made their way into our family – 1 in 4. But, miraculously, that part of the story has a happy ending….because just three weeks later, we conceived again.

With this last pregnancy, we finally felt like a chapter was closing. Fifteen months ago we welcomed our fourth and final daughter, six months ago I launched a blog (because I am crazy) and life is still a beautiful (crazy) dream.

The point of this little trip into my personal histories is to show you that, if this crazy busy, tired, stretched to the max mama can create the time and space to pursue her passions through the wonders of blogging – then YOU certainly can too! Here are some of my best tips and tricks for getting crap done and making your dreams happen while juggling being a wife and mom.

Tip #1: Define Your Focus

This is simple. Know what you want, where you want to go and how you want to get there. Figure out what is most important to you. For me, it’s investing in myself first, my marriage second, my children third and my business last. Each thing is equally important and needs time and attention, but this is the structure I follow based on my personal priorities. You can’t focus everywhere all the time, so now is the time to pick and choose. What is your focus?

Tip #2: Practice Time Blocking

Now that you’ve figured out where you want your focus to be, you need to start telling your time where to go. If you aren’t super intentional about how you spend your time, I promise you will get stuck in a vicious cycle of meandering through your days, constantly enslaved by the tyranny of the urgent.

You will always be pulled in a million directions by people needing to be fed and sippy cups needing filled and fights needing to be broken up and phone calls needing answered and birthday parties needing planned and taxes needing filed and husband’s needing new socks and mothers-in-law needing FaceTimed. Where in all of this chaos would you find time to do the things you’ve been dreaming of if you waited around for it to appear? I promise, you never would.

So your mission now is to take your list of focused priorities and assign blocks of time in your calendar to each category. In order to have the best shot at managing the juggle well, your schedule needs to be run like a well-oiled machine. And I don’t mean scheduling every minute of every day. I just mean, tell your time where it should go based on what’s most important – and preferably, tell it in advance!

Tip #3: Communication is King

I have no qualms with saying that if it were not for the unwavering support of my incredible husband, I am very doubtful that I could do what I do. But even though he is 100% on my team and supportive of me pursuing my passions, it still wouldn’t amount to much if we weren’t excellent at communicating with each other.

My husband and I talk – a LOT. Old habits must die hard, because we dated long-distance for 14 months before getting married! In order to make sure our individual needs are getting met, our household’s needs are getting met and that we are staying focused and accomplishing the things we want to, we HAVE to communicate with each other. It takes team work to make the dream work, so they say!

Tip #4: Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

This is kind of a personal mantra for me, and it’s pretty self-explanatory. I don’t like surprises that aren’t happy or fun ones. Who does?! But, sometimes life springs them on you, and there just isn’t anything you can do about it other than making the best of things. However, more often than not, there is a lot we can do to prepare in advance to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

Know yourself, know your family, and know your life, to the best of your ability. Train yourself to anticipate potential disasters and set yourself up for success!! Do a little more work in advance to be organized and prepared in the event that life presents one of its inevitable plot twists.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget to Eat Dessert

This is something I learned from my pastor this year and it has really stayed with me. The gist is this: Don’t get so caught up in the grind and the details and the hustle that you forget to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Give yourself time to breathe, relax and eat that darn dessert!

You’ve earned it. And, life is fleeting. Balance is all about learning to walk the line between pursuing forward progress and savoring the sweetness of the present. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, so make the most of your todays in ways that will set your tomorrows up for success!

We women are absolutely incredible, with an incomparable capacity to do a-freaking-LOT! Whatever season of life you currently find yourself in, just remember that YOU are the main character in your story, so YOU get to call the shots. I believe in you and your dreams, and I believe that you CAN achieve them. My hope is that these tips will help you out along along the way.

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Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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  1. The Home Loving Wife

    Thank you so much for hosting me dear friend!! I heart your face ?

  2. Corina

    Oh my goodness! I’m going to seriously bookmark this and keep it on my toolbar for easy access. Thanks for the tips and straightforward talk about making your goals happen! I don’t have five kids, but one with another on the way seems like enough to keep one in “urgent need” mode if there’s no planning involved. Thanks Kelsey!

    • The Home Loving Wife

      Hahaha yep, you’re totally right Corina!!! I’m so glad you found this helpful – and definitely keep it bookmarked, I have to revisit things ALL the time to keep myself in check!!

  3. Olivia

    Y’all are both awesome! Great read Kelsey!

  4. Annika mamibeauté

    Kelsey, you are a very inspiring and amazing woman. I wish you all the best and will love to read more on your blog. Thanks Chrystie for featuring her story.

    I’m off to getting desert now 😉
    Cheers from Germany

    • The Home Loving Wife

      Annika, you are the SWEETEST!! Thank you so much for your kind words and taking the time to read!! And I so hope you enjoy your dessert, whatever it may be for you today 😉

  5. Ellie Augustin

    As a mama of 4 I needed this! This was an awesome post. I deserve some dessert don’t I? I see ColdStone Ice Cream in my future!

  6. Annie McGarr

    Love! Kelsey is so inspiring..I hope that I can get my act together! Thank you at much for the info! Also, thank you Christie for all your support of momma bloggers!

    • The Home Loving Wife

      You’re so sweet Annie!! But don’t get it wrong – some days I have my act “together” and other days I do not…..heck, sometimes it varies back and forth within the same day haha!! Where there’s a will, there’s a way and I think you’ve got the will, mama!!!

  7. Amy Lu

    I really enjoyed reading this. I have often wondered how other mamas manage their family, life, and blog. This was a great piece with super helpful tips. Thanks Kelsey. 🙂

  8. Shannon

    Wow mama. 4 kids in 5 years. #Blessyourheart #Iamnotworthy 😉 Seriously, this is a great article. Love #5 about eating dessert. No problem there! Thanks for the great tips.

  9. Sara

    I love this post and I love Kelsey! These are great bullet points to touch on as a new blog or myself !

  10. Tessa Kirby

    Oh Kelsey, the more I get to know you the more I love you! You are a wonder! Thank you for sharing hour wisdom and knowledge yet again, please know how appreciated it is!

  11. Jasmine Hewitt

    I love this article! I’m printing it so I can refer several times, especially when feeling like things are impossible to accomplish! Thank you for writing this!

  12. Amber Walker

    I love the mini bio at the beginning. It was both funny and honest, both of which kept me interested. Great advice as well.

  13. Gloryanna

    This really is always needed for me. I am struggling keeping my focus ahead of me and keeping the balance REAL. Thanks for this. It really is important!

    • The Home Loving Wife

      Truly, it’s a daily struggle for me as well!! I often write and coach thinking of what I myself need, in the hopes that it inspires and uplifts others in the same shoes!! You’re doing amazing things mama – press on, you’ve got this!

  14. Erin

    I’m so happy I pinned this to come back and read when I need it! You are an inspiration! I have two boys and feel like I’m constantly busy but never caught up! Time blocking would probably help a ton – I have the focus and drive and it always seems to be time that holds me back.

    • The Home Loving Wife

      Time management is one of those funny things that is a total catchphrase, but often we don’t actually employ strategies to really manage our time well! I’m so convinced that focus and effective time management strategies are HUGE keys to success!!! xoxo

  15. Angela Douglas

    Hi my name is Angela. I am new to blogging and I hope to launch my first blogging post w in a week or 2. I’m still learning everything you need to know about blogging…lol..including not knowing what my first blog post should be. As like you u have a lot other of kids as well. I have 5..hehe I beat 3 girls 2 boys. Older 3 are girls and younger 2 are boys. Any tips I would appreciate it. Thanks

  16. suzanne

    Kelsey, you are superwoman! I mean for real. So inspiring. Thank you so much for the reminder that we need to put ourselves first, and carve out time to do what we love. You rock, mama!


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  18. P.Jeanne

    Beautifully written Kelsey ❤ great tips and ones I will definitely keep in mind! You inspire me every day and I’m just so blessed we’ve connected ❤

  19. Corina Ramos

    Hi Kelsey,

    Thanks for sharing your best tips with us. It’s true juggling all the crazy can be overwhelming but once we learn how to manage our time we can do pretty much everything.

    I love your 5th tip…I will definitely remember to eat dessert. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend ladies. 🙂


    • The Home Loving Wife

      AMEN gal!! When we start telling our time where to go, we get to do everything we want to do – just not all at the same time, that’s the key haha!!

  20. Lauren Gnapi

    Love the blog, I definitely find myself most productive during naptime! Thanks for sharing this post, lots of great tips.

  21. Brianna

    For me, I’m definitely trying to figure out how to work on client projects and not be bent down at my computer when the kids are awake. I’m finding it hard to separate them time and work time and am trying to come up with some plan. I really don’t want to be working a bazillion hours at night lol.

    However, I am getting to the point where making a plan of action is necessary to get any sort of work done.

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