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How to Monetize your Blog with Amazon…Without Doing Affiliate Marketing!

Let me guess…Amazon is one of your favorite online shopping sites? A place that seems to literally have it all.  Especially now, with the addition of Amazon Prime NOW and Amazon Fresh, they are literally making life easier for everyone and becoming the largest one stop shop on the internet.  You’re probably spending a good chunk of change on Amazon every month, but what you might not know is how you could be utilizing this amazing site to make money. I’m not just talking about being an Amazon affiliate. While that’s awesome and we teach about how to implement that into your blog or business as well, there is another side of Amazon that will make you a LOT more moolah, so you can afford all those impulse buys!

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So here it is, the secret sauce recipe to making money on Amazon…

If you are an online influencer or blogger you’re ignoring some serious earning potential that could free up some of your time and make blogging or posting a lot more fun.  I don’t know if this happens for everyone else but once you’ve monetized your blog or site, you feel this constant pressure to make sure each post was better than the last and you want that monetary element to keep growing.  What if you could be making money while you sleep, or while you’re busy hanging out in your creative zone?


For Influencers:

There are literally millions of products selling on Amazon every day. Brands and businesses are making top dollar to sell products. And one of the best parts? Amazon does most of the work for them. Imagine this. You have a great idea for a product that really compliments your brand. You customize it, make it your own. Example: You have a cooking blog and you know people would buy your specific cheese grater if you put one out into the market. They trust you, they know you, they see you using it and loving it and they have to have one. But you’re busy. Between cooking, photographing, posting and promoting one recipe, you haven’t got any time for shipping out orders, advertising etc. Enter Amazon.

What we do is called Amazon FBA. FBA stands for Fulfilled By Amazon. And those are three magical words to someone with a busy online business. The most work you’re going to do is selecting what you want to sell, branding it as your own, maybe adding some fun customizations like color or packaging design, and then you’re 90 % done. You send all of your products to Amazon, where they will store your items in the warehouse, fulfill orders as they come, do all the customer service and returns (which there won’t be any of because your product is awesome), and they pay you every two weeks. Consistent money for work you’re going to do ONE TIME. And if you love it, you make lots of extra coin, you can rinse and repeat! Add a lemon zester or a cutting board. Create your own “store” on Amazon. You can share all of your amazing products with your audience and send them straight to the listing, or to your Amazon Affiliate store on your site.  They order, you do nothing, but still get paid. Sound awesome? It really is.

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For Brands:

You’re toiling away trying to get your products into the hands of successful online influencers. You’re creating new products, marketing existing ones and trying to find your buyers. They’re out there, but it takes a lot of advertising and research to get to them.  But what if you could take advantage of one of the largest online stores ever? You can! This works for people with no following at all, no list, and you know why? Because millions of people are on Amazon purchasing things every day, all day.  You’re marketing to people already poised to buy! So you start with one small product, and in that packaging you include a warranty or information about how they can use this item best. They come to your website and see that you also sell three other things! Fantastic! You can also duplicate as well, by adding even more custom products to your arsenal and selling primarily on Amazon. There are brands selling hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of products on Amazon every month. You’re walking away from money by not jumping in on the action!


How much time will it take?

The beauty of this process is it’s honestly one of the most passive income streams you’ll build. You’ll spend about 20 hours TOTAL getting your product at a point where it is selling, and then the rest is downhill. You’ll want to optimize your listing, keep up with pay per clicks to ensure you keep selling like crazy and restock when your inventory gets low. Other than that, it’s much like keeping an eye on an investment. You don’t need to check it every day, but you know it’s there and it’s making you more wealthy. Except unlike investments, you can’ t really lose.

No matter what you’re blogging about, there’s likely a product that will sync well with your brand and would be a great way to monetize your blog.  We know from experience how slow going the monetization process can be, and how much work you do as an affiliate for brands, to only get a tiny slice of the pie. What if you were getting up to 50% of the pie, just by telling everyone how amazing the pie pan is that it came in? What if you had a little more financial freedom to keep building your blog or brand?

If you’re in either one of these categories, brand or influencer, we have the best gift ever. The gift of time. We know how busy you are and don’t want to have showed you this amazing opportunity without showing you how you can implement it into your business. We’ve been selling our wildly successful Amazon FBA Course to the general public for 6 months, and have helped a lot of individuals and families to make more money.  But now we are focusing on helping entrepreneurs further their cause by offering an amazing course geared just for online influencers and brands.

If you are looking to expand your online presence through Amazon, we invite you to check out the Amazon for Influencers program, where you will receive access to the Complete Amazon FBA Course, and one hour strategy session and three 30-minute follow up calls to help you get the most out of Amazon. You can enroll now !  Looking one-on-one help with bringing your brand to Amazon? The Amazon for Influencers Concierge Program will provide you with full service assistance with creating and introducing your products to Amazon. For more information, please visit

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amazon-fba-courseBen and Kirsten are serial entrepreneurs with a passion for passive income. They have become masters of of juggling multiple things at once, but they spend most of their time helping others leverage the power of Amazon in their business. After working in the nonprofit sector and trying for years to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives, they have finally accepted that they are entrepreneurs at heart and love working for themselves!  They have three young children and when they’re not working, love to play outside in the backyard, take frequent trips to Disneyland and watch re-runs of Friends!


Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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