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25 Ways to Earn Money with a Mom Blog

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How to Earn Money with a Mom Blog

It’s bound to happen. You’ve been blogging for a while, you’ve poured your heart into every single blog post, and you’ve watched your blog readers grow from friends and family to strangers who sometimes feel like friends and then you start to think…hey wait…maybe I could make some money with my blog? The answer is YES you can and YES you should. There’s no reason for you to spend so much time writing and not be paid for it.

The good news is that there are LOTS of ways to monetize a blog. In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the revenue generating tools and programs that exist out there specifically for mommy bloggers. If I can give you one piece of advice it would be to diversify your revenue streams. You never want to put all of your blogging eggs in one basket (so to speak).

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At what point should you monetize a blog?

Because I’ve been doing this for a long time, my gut reaction is to tell you to start IMMEDIATELY..or at least start your blog with monetization in mind. The truth is not all monetization programs will accept new bloggers with little to no traffic and that’s okay…because you’ll need at least SOME traffic to start earning money with a blog anyway. So I would recommend waiting until you have a steady stream of readers coming to your blog everyday before really jumping into the monetization pool.

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What should you do to prepare your blog for monetization?

  • Professional Blog Design – When brands & potential partners are looking at which bloggers they want to work with, looks matter. In order to put your best face forward, you want to make sure that your blog looks professional and modern. Here is a list of 40 feminine WordPress themes for your to consider.
  • Google Analytics – Make sure that you have Google Analytics installed on your blog so you can provide brands and 3rd party companies accurate information about your traffic and readership.
  • Do you have a contact button on your blog? You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve tried to connect with a blogger only to find out that they don’t have a contact button, link or working email on their blog? Say wut? This is a non-negotiable….it’s a MUST HAVE.
  • Media Kit – A media kit is usually a one-sheet PDF that is essentially your highlight reel. It should include your contact info, social media numbers, blog traffic, and demographic information of your audience. This is not a necessity but it is a way to distinguish yourself against other bloggers…and if you plan on doing any pitching of brands on your own…you’ll definitely want to have one of these. Here’s a quick video tutorial on how you can easily create a media kit using Canva.

Below I am going to list the 25 ways you can earn money with a mom blog:

1.  Affiliate Marketing

This is the term coined for when you promote a product and in return earn a commission anytime someone makes a purchase from your link. This is a great way to earn off of product reviews, gift guides, and product mentions.

How to get started: Sign up with a few of the affiliate marketing companies and apply to work with different brands. Below you will find some of my favorite affiliate marketing companies.

2.  Amazon Associates:

One of my favorite affiliate programs is the Amazon Associates program. Not only is it the easiest to set up, but it offers hundreds of thousands of products that you can recommend to your audience. They offer text links, hand-picked stores & sidebar widgets for you to use.

How to get started: Sign up for an Amazon Associates account and start promoting any product found on Amazon using your unique affiliate link.

3.  ShareASale:

Share A Sale is another one of my favorite affiliate companies because not only are they great to their bloggers (they host an annual conference for bloggers for FREE!) but they also work with some high quality, mom-friendly brands like Gymboree, Crazy 8, Zulily & Mabel’s Labels.

How to get started: Sign up with Share A Sale. Once you are accepted, find and apply to work with different companies.


4. ShopStyle:

ShopStyle is an affiliate company that works mostly with fashion and lifestyle bloggers to monetize their blog and social media channels. ShopStyle is a little different in that bloggers earn money anytime some CLICKS on their links instead of having to make a purchase in order to earn revenue.

5. RewardStyle:

RewardStyle is an invitation-only affiliate tool for top-tier publishers.  Bloggers and influencers can earn money by promoting products like clothing, shoes and accessories and earn a commission on the item when a reader or social media follower purchases the item through the bloggers affiliate link.

6. Viglink

Viglink is a monetization platform that allows you to turn almost any link into a potential moneymaking opportunity. Viglink has a plugin that once installed turns any link you have on your blog that points to a product into a opportunity to earn. If a reader clicks on your link and makes a purchase you then split the commission with Viglink. The advantage to using Viglink is that you can start monetizing your blog without the headache of joining multiple affilliate networks.

How to get started: Sign up for a Viglink account. Install the plugin….and start earning revenue.

7. Skimlinks

Skimlinks works in a similar way as Viglink, however, they have different partnerships with stores, therefore you have more options. They also have a nice link builder tool, that allows you to create personalized affiliate links to ANY products one by one.

How to get started: Sign up for Skimlinks and start creating affiliate links for products you’d like to promote. Earn a commision when someone makes a purchase.

8. Escalate

The Escalate Network is a fairly niche network which has a lot of coupon and deal offers, but also family focused offers too. I personally like this network because it’s small and they have a very personal relationship with their bloggers.  This would be great for a mom who is blogging about frugal living or family finances.

How to get started: Apply to the Escalate Network. Once accepted, promote available offers and earn money when someone clicks or makes a purchase depending on the program.


If your readers are into shopping online and looking for coupon codes, is a GREAT way for you to earn some affiliate income. You can earn money by sharing coupon codes to your readers and each time they make a purchase you earn money.

How to get started: Sign up for a affiliate account. Start sharing coupon codes and offers and earn money anytime someone makes a purchase or clicks on a link (depending on the promotion.)


10. Advertising

Blog advertising is a great way to start monetizing your blog, it’s also probably the easiest way for new bloggers to monetize their blog as well.  There are two types of ads that you can run on your blog: contextual ads (like Google Adsense) and private ads purchased directly from an advertiser. The good news is that there are several places that you can get ads to put on your blog.

11. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is probably the most popular form of blog advertising in the world. Essentially you can sign up for an account and once get accepted, you can place banner ads on your blog’s header, sidebar, footer or even within the post. Each time someone clicks on your ad, you earn money. A few things to know about Google Ads is that you can only place 3 banner ads per page.

How to get started: Apply to run Google Adsense on your blog. Once accepted place ad units throughout your blog.

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12. is another advertising option from Yahoo. tends to have different looking ad units and they are allowed to be on the same page as Google Ads, so many bloggers use these both to increase ad revenue. One thing that I like about is that your account manager will usually email you with recommendations for improving the performance of your ads by suggesting different placement or colors.

How to get started: Sign up for a account. Place ads on your blog.

13. Infolinks my opinion, Infolinks ads look a little spammy. However, they CAN bring in a good amount of money. These are the ads that pop-up over certain words in the text of your blog post. When someone clicks on those links you make money!

How to get started: Sign up for an Infolinks account. Download the plugin and start earning money.

14. Passion Fruit Ads

If you are interested in selling banner ad space on your blog, Passion Fruit Ads is a great place to start. Passion Fruit is a marketplace that allows bloggers to create an account and start selling ads immediately. All of the payment processing and click tracking goes through Passion Fruit, so it’s a pretty easy solution for bloggers and buyers.

How to get started: Sign up for an account on PassionFruit. Determine your banner ad prices. Wait for a buyer to come along and purchase ad space.


15. Sponsored Posts

Bloggers can make money by writing sponsored posts for brands and companies. With sponsored posts, brands compensate you for writing about them on your blog. A sponsored post can be written in a variety of ways: review, testimonial, video, mention or a descriptive post about the company. Some sponsored posts will pay you a flat fee and others will pay you on the number of clicks, actions or conversions.

How to get started:
Sign up with any of the sites listed below and apply for open and relevant opportunities.

16. Izea

Izea is one of the more popular sponsored posts opportunities. Not only do they have sponsored post opportunities, but also sponsored Twitter & Instagram opps too!

How to get started: Sign up for an Izea account and take advantage of sponsored opportunities.

17. Clever Girls

Clever Girls Collective is one of the more selective sponsored post companies. Their opportunities work great for lifestyle bloggers and influencers. They also pay very well, so this is one of the companies that you’ll definitely want to check out if you are interested in doing sponsored posts.

How to get started: Apply to the Clever Girls network. Take advantage of sponsored opps!

18. Social Fabric

Social Fabric, owned by Collective Bias, is one of my favorite sponsored post companies, simply because they have a LOT of opportunities and they pay well (and on time!).

How to get started: Sign up for a Social Fabric account. Complete your profile. Apply to open opportunities.

19. Sponsored Tweets

If you’ve got a decent sized Twitter following, you can work with Sponsored Tweets which connects brands and influencers for sponsored tweet opportunities. This company is owned by Izea which also hosts lots of sponsored post campaigns.

How to get started: Sign up for a Sponsored Tweets account. Fill in your account information. Take advantage of sponsored tweet opportunities and earn money.



If you love Instagram, this is the program for you! Owned by RewardStyle, the service allows you monetize your Instagram feed. For example, if you post a photo of your outfit, followers can opt in to get the exact details of where to purchase your out via email. If they click on the link and make a purchase you earn money.

21. LOLSpots

LOLSpots is a great way to monetize your Facebook news feed! If you’ve got a nice sized following on Facebook (20,000+ fans), you can sign up for an account with LOL Spots and they will automatically post content to your Newsfeed and you can earn money by letting them do so. The content tends to be click-bait type of articles, but if your Facebook fans enjoy those articles it can be a great way to passive earn additional income.

How to get started: Apply to the LOLSpots program. Once accepted, LOL spots will start posting articles to your newsfeed and you earn money.

22. Product Creation

Selling an informational product is one of the most lucrative ways that bloggers can monetize their blog. Bloggers can create some passive income with their blogs by creating things like e-books, courses or webinar series based on their topic of expertise.

23. Write an ebook

Writing an ebook can be a great way to repurpose the content that you’ve already written on your blog, expand your audience and increase your revenue. The good thing? Creating an ebook is not as hard as it sounds.

How to get started: Check out this blog post, “How to Write an Ebook & Sell it on Amazon” for a step-by-step tutorial on how to get started.

24. Create a course

Believe it or not, you have something to teach! We all have unique knowledge and perspective that can be used towards putting together an e-learning course in our niche. The thing about courses is that you can make BIG BIG BIG money off of them. Just check out this blog post for proof!

How to get started: Decide on a topic. Do the research. Sign up for an account with Teachable. Sell your course to your blog readers.

25 Become a Virtual Assistant

While you grow your blog, you can offer your services to other bloggers as a virtual assistant (VA). Some of the duties that bloggers usually outsource to VAs are content creation, social media posting, graphic design, etc. If you have any of these skills, you can offer to work with bloggers for a set per hour or per job fee

How to get started: Join this Facebook group and apply for open VA positions.

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Chrystie is a mom of 3 kids and wife to one. She's sold 4 blogs in the last 10 years and now helps other women start their blogging empire. Her love for really bad reality TV is only trumped by her love for margaritas without salt. Her other addictions include spray painting everything gold and embarrassing her kids at the bus stop. #thatmom

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    Thanks for all your current help!

    • Chrystie

      Don’t be held back by the taxes part! If you earn more than $600 in a year you need to file taxes for the monies earned. Most companies that you work with will send you a 1099 which will report how much money you made with that company. If the company is smaller, they may not do this, which it is up to you to keep track of the money earned. When you go to file your taxes, you just file both the 1099 and any other income as additional income on your taxes. Hope that helps!

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